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Like a band without fans, a recruitment agency without candidates cannot exist!  At Finstech, we love our candidates and demonstrate this by providing value add services as standard!  When you sign up with Finstech, you receive the following services:
CV review | Candidate spotlight | Job search set-up | Job alerts for your selected area | Career advice
Alongside these bespoke pieces that are tailored for you as an individual, we have also prepared a number of articles and posts designed to help you on your journey for a new role and your career in general.  Scroll down for more information!

Model CV & CV Tips

As a former hiring manager, there is a CV format that I like. This is by no means the best CV around, but there is rationale as to why it is effective and can potentially increase your chances of securing an interview for a role. I want to share a ‘Model CV’ example with you to help explain some of the rationale behind my choices and some principles for you to apply when creating your own CV. The CV has numbers next to it which link to the paragraphs written, so you can easily pick out the bits you are looking for some help with and the logic behind them.

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Job Search Tips

If you are a jobseeker, whether out of work and immediately available or just thinking that it’s time for a change, there is one trap that a lot of people can fall into. Applying for jobs that are NOT suitable for you! Perhaps it’s late on a Friday night and, after a few drinks (over Zoom) with your friends, you decide that now is a good time to start searching for your next role.

But there’s a couple of problems… Either you are full of self confidence and feel that you can do anything or, you are full of self doubt and can’t do anything! Or, perhaps you know you can do the job but it’s in the Outer Hebrides and you live in Southampton with your wife and children… but you still click that apply button anyway. We’ve all been there!

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Interview Tips

So you’ve searched for a role and found one that suits. You’ve tailored your CV, sent your application and now you’ve been invited to an interview… eeeeek!! Maybe it’s been years since your last one, or maybe you’ve had a few recently but have been unsuccessful until now. How should you prepare? What should you wear? What questions do you ask when they ask you if you have any questions for them?

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