Pick & Mix Recruitment

Pick and Mix Recruitment

We understand that using an external recruitment consultancy can be a big investment in terms of both time and money.  In order to provide SME’s with a flexible service that can be adjusted to perfectly suits their requirements, we have created Pick & Mix Recruitment!

Designed specifically for SME’s, you can select only the recruitment services you are looking for support with, and get a fixed price for what you have chosen.  You pay for each stage once it’s completed, so there is no massive bill and you know exactly what you’re getting and what it’s going to cost at the very start of the process.

If you change your mind and want to add or remove a service that hasn’t been started, during the recruitment process, you can… that’s the beauty of Pick & Mix!


The idea is that, if you just need help writing a job specification, identifying markets to target and support with an approach, we can help you with just that, and you pay for just that! If you just want CV’s that have been reviewed against your spec, you can! If you want to add a service on as we go through the process, or take one away, you can! Pick & Mix recruitment is designed to be a flexible solution tailored to each client and to each job.


  • Choose which service/s you want
  • You know exactly what you’re paying, no matter what the salary of the role
  • No payments required until the service is completed (when Finstech are the exclusive external recruitment partner)
  • Discount of over £1,000 when all services selected
Clear Scope & Agreed Outputs

We have carefully articulated each aspect of the Pick & Mix Recruitment offering, detailing exactly what is included in the service you select and the outputs you will receive at the completion of that step.  


Have a look at the options that we provide as part of the Pick & Mix Recruitment service, and click the button underneath to prepare a quote!  


Once you have submitted your quote, you will receive an e-mail confirming the services you have selected, and one of our consultants will call you to discuss next steps, and get the ball rolling!

This is the first step in the process where we help you shape the role, providing input into the requirements for the role and creating a clear & articulate specification and agreeing an approach for supporting the role… or not, the choice is yours!



  • Meeting with you (the client) to discuss role requirements & background to the creation of the role.


Services Provided

  • Suggest strategies for specification & approach, based on past experiences
  • Agree approach and provide summary plan
  • Create role profile, to be approved by client prior to sharing



  • Role Profile/Job Specification
  • Summary Plan articulating an agreed approach for the role

You can engage us to provide this service either with or without using us to scope the role & create the job specification.  For the search service, we use our resources & expertise to source candidate CV’s according to the requirements of your role, providing you with a comprehensive list of candidates for your role.



  • Quick call to discuss background to the role
  • Role specification


Services Provided

  • Bespoke search of candidate databases – we have access to millions of candidate profiles all over the world
  • Tailored approach for suitable candidates based on skills, experience and role specifications
  • Advertising on the most relevant platforms & mediums according to the industry
  • CV’s collated, reviewed and summary comments prepared and shared with client



  • Candidate CV’s received
  • Summary of CV’s received with review comments & recommendations

This service is where we can add some serious value to you recruitment process. Using our years of candidate interviewing experience, we can provide a screening services that is effectively a first & second step in your recruitment process. We can complete this independently or join you as part of the interview process, to coach and help you or take the lead in asking the questions… it’s entirely up to you!



  • Shortlist of candidates, agreed with you (the client)


Services Provided

  • Each shortlisted candidate interviewed for 20-30 minutes
  • Interview approach with process & questions designed to draw out key specifics aligned to the specifics of the role:
    – Candidate’s background
    – Relevant experience & qualifications
    – Examples where relevant skills & behaviours have been demonstrated
    – Current compensation details & availability
    – Candidates personality & nature, cultural preferences
  • An interview summary of the above details is prepared following each candidate interview for presentation to the client



  • Detailed interview summary for each candidate interviewed, summarising all the above.

The shortlisting step can be held after the Search process has been completed, or after the Search & Screen process has been completed. The idea of this step is to best prepare you (the client) for your internal candidate interview process, giving you background on each candidate (the detail of which depends on whether you have selected the ‘Screen’ service) and some interviewing question sets and tips.



  • Summary of CV’s received and CV’s or detailed interview summary for each candidate


Services Provided

  • Meeting held with you (the client) to discuss each interviewed candidate or, in the event of the ‘Screen’ step not being selected by the client, each candidate CV and basic information.
  • Recommendations for next stage prepared, including rationale & comparisons specific to candidate pool, and relevant candidate segmentation
  • Coaching on interview approach, and Finstech’s own ‘Client Interview Pack’ to provide ideas, questions



  • Agreed shortlist of candidates for you (the client) to interview
  • Suggested interview approach & question sets

The Selection step of the process is designed to take the administrative aspects of managing the interview stage through to the hiring stage of the recruitment process. Scheduling interviews, aligning diaries & availability and making changes are all things that can be a pain, so let us do them for you! Once you are ready to make an offer to the candidate/s, we can take care of the offer/rejection process, facilitate any negotiations and complete checks to ensure your peace of mind.



  • Interviewer/s availability
  • Details of candidates to interview/offer/reject


Services Provided

  • All candidate interview timings arranged and availability checks made on your (the client’s) behalf
  • Invitations sent to candidates & specified client representatives, including any virtual meeting details on preferred platform
  • Offer letters sent out on your (the client’s) behalf
  • Negotiations facilitated between candidate/s and you (the client)
  • DBS & reference checks made on successful candidate/s
  • Feedback provided to unsuccessful candidates



  • Interviews scheduled
  • Offer letter to successful candidate/s
  • Checks completed e.g. DBS, Credit etc
  • Feedback provided to unsuccessful candidates

If this is your first hire or you are increasing your team and don’t have any of the official contract documents or policies, our basic ‘Sealed’ process provides you with templates for these which you can then tailor to the requirements of your organisation and new/existing employees.



  • Your (the client’s) company logo


Services Provided

  • Provision of (company headed) digital documents & policy templates:
    – Contract of employment
    – Grievance policy
    – Disciplinary policy
    – GDPR Policy



  • Company headed document & policy templates

Our Premium level ‘Sealed’ service is designed for SME’s who are increasing their current employee headcount of 2 or 3 with the introduction of a new starter/s, providing tailored documentation for each employee as well as an employee handbook, which is a key document for any growing SME. Tailored consultancy support is also provided by our CIPD qualified HR Partner for the onboarding & induction process.



  • Meeting with client to discuss terms, policy requirements etc
  • Your (the client’s) company logo


Services Provided

  • Provision of (company headed) documents & policies, specifically completed for new employee/s:
    – Contract of employment
    – Grievance policy
    – Disciplinary policy
    – GDPR Policy
    – Employee handbook
  • Support for employee onboarding & induction, with process documents explained and shared by our CIPD qualified HR Partner.



  • All contract & policy documentation tailored for new starter/s
  • Onboarding process documents & consultancy
  • Induction support



  • The Pick & Mix Recruitment service is only available to SME’s with less than 30 members of staff.
  • A 25% non-refundable deposit is required where Finstech are not the exclusive recruitment partner working on the role.
  • Whilst providing tailored, compliant documents for new employee’s, clients are fully responsible for the adherence to these policies.

Rob was an absolute pleasure to work with. He quickly understood all my requirements and used his extensive knowledge and experience to produce a comprehensive job spec which was better than anything I could have conceived. He also identified alternative candidate types which I hadn’t previously considered and this proved instrumental in making an offer for the role. Professional and highly recommended!

S Hughes

It’s been a pleasure working with Rob. He’s efficient – Kept me up-to-date in a timely manner and with the right amount of information. He’s also professional and friendly at the same time. Thank you Rob.

Jacqueline Henderson

After a long period in a very difficult job market, Rob was able to help me find the perfect role. He understood my strengths and skills and was able to place me in a fantastic company!

I would highly recommend Rob whether you’re a candidate or client. I couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Abigail Britnell

Working with Rob at Finstech was a real pleasure. Rob’s professionalism was evidenced by his ability to listen to our needs, his accurate selection of candidates, right through to the support he provided during final negotiations with the successful candidate. His willingness and friendliness simply added to the mix. I highly recommend Finstech and will be working with them again in the future.

David Burton

Rob was introduced to me via a connection during my latest job search. He was extremely professional and empathetic, not only did he offer to help with my job search, but he also went above and beyond, providing me with feedback on my CV, along with some solid advice for developing my professional profile according to my interests and experience.

I would recommend Rob to anyone that I know, without hesitation.

Alexandra Burton

Rob was a pleasure to deal with, professional, communicative and efficient. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a contract.

Jonny Coombes

Rob was a pleasure to deal with, professional, communicative and efficient. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a contract.

Jonny Coombes

Rob from Finstech is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is organised, thorough and everyone that works with him has great things to say. Has a plethora of experience and understanding when it comes to recruitment, especially in the insurance, IT and finance sectors. I would definitely recommend his recruitment services!

John Parnell

Rob is the best recruitment agency I have ever worked with and I have worked with lots over the years to recruit staff and most recently to look for a role after being made redundant myself.

Rob is professional, caring and honest his service is out of this world.

Joanna Fisher

Rob is a pleasure to work with and the perfect intermediary. Rob knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and is clear, transparent and trustworthy. So please to have had the pleasure to cooperate!

Teresa Watkins

Rob is an excellent professional! Very attentive, honest and available. It is a real pleasure to talk and work with him. I highly recommend his services.

Mari Ana

Rob knows how to build trust, which is an essential skill to fulfill succesfully his missions. It is nice working with him!

Frédéric Prévost

Great advice from a very professional and thorough gentleman. Rob Greenhalgh managed to accurately target the proper job opportunities for me. I highly recommend his services.

Jules Rousselet

Honest, upfront and professional. Would highly recommend.