Why choose us?

The recruitment market is extremely competitive, so why should you choose Finstech as your recruitment partner?

Managing Director Rob Greenhalgh started his first job in March 1998 but not as a recruiter. He hasn’t spent years cold calling potential clients, contacting candidates, building a ‘desk’ and earning £000’s in commission… although that would have been nice!


Instead, he has spent his career working in the industries in which Finstech focus their recruitment services. Having started as a Junior Accounts Clerk, Rob worked his way up to become a Management Accountant in 2002 before switching to Project Management in 2011. After 17 years in permanent employment, Rob began contracting as a Project Manager in 2015 before starting Finstech in January 2020.




Why is this something that can add value? Having been a candidate and a hiring manager, Rob doesn’t know ‘recruitment’ inside out but believes that to be a good thing! At Finstech, we are not focused on sales… we are not bound by targets… we don’t cold call… we are not pushy, and we don’t waste your time because we are not recruiters. Instead, we know people… we know the job… and we know what good & bad looks like, beyond a CV. We know what it takes to do the job that you’re looking for recruit for, how to work as part of a team and an understanding of different cultures of various sized companies.


There are a lot of great recruiters out there but too many are focused on volume over quality because, that is what ‘recruitment’ is. To say we are ‘anti-recruitment’ does not mean we think you should recruit less people or stop using external recruitment agencies. It means challenging the CV throwing, target driven, sales culture that has become synonymous with the industry and instead, focus on using industry knowledge to providing quality resources with a professional service.

We have worked hard to create a reputation for providing quality resources to our clients, despite tough market conditions. In fact, some of our clients only came to us because they had exhausted other options but, happily, we were able to help solve their recruitment challenges.

General Recruiters

Consultants motivated by £’s
CV’s sent with no commentary
5 min conversation to confirm candidate identity
Experienced in how to recruit
Perception of high fees for limited value Profit over reputation


We don’t have sales targets
All CV’s are qualified, sourced directly for the role& commented on
Screening/1st interviewtype approaches available
Experienced in doing the roles you’re recruiting for…and how to recruit!
Reasonable charges, known up front for quality services & resources
Reputation over profit

Have a look at a couple of case studies from a couple of recent client engagements

A recruitment consultancy that focuses on the business and the individual to find the perfect fit.

It’s not about us,
it’s about you.

Rob was an absolute pleasure to work with. He quickly understood all my requirements and used his extensive knowledge and experience to produce a comprehensive job spec which was better than anything I could have conceived. He also identified alternative candidate types which I hadn’t previously considered and this proved instrumental in making an offer for the role. Professional and highly recommended!

S Hughes

It’s been a pleasure working with Rob. He’s efficient – Kept me up-to-date in a timely manner and with the right amount of information. He’s also professional and friendly at the same time. Thank you Rob.

Jacqueline Henderson

After a long period in a very difficult job market, Rob was able to help me find the perfect role. He understood my strengths and skills and was able to place me in a fantastic company!

I would highly recommend Rob whether you’re a candidate or client. I couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Abigail Britnell

Working with Rob at Finstech was a real pleasure. Rob’s professionalism was evidenced by his ability to listen to our needs, his accurate selection of candidates, right through to the support he provided during final negotiations with the successful candidate. His willingness and friendliness simply added to the mix. I highly recommend Finstech and will be working with them again in the future.

David Burton

Rob was introduced to me via a connection during my latest job search. He was extremely professional and empathetic, not only did he offer to help with my job search, but he also went above and beyond, providing me with feedback on my CV, along with some solid advice for developing my professional profile according to my interests and experience.

I would recommend Rob to anyone that I know, without hesitation.

Alexandra Burton

Rob was a pleasure to deal with, professional, communicative and efficient. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a contract.

Jonny Coombes

Rob was a pleasure to deal with, professional, communicative and efficient. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a contract.

Jonny Coombes

Rob from Finstech is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is organised, thorough and everyone that works with him has great things to say. Has a plethora of experience and understanding when it comes to recruitment, especially in the insurance, IT and finance sectors. I would definitely recommend his recruitment services!

John Parnell

Rob is the best recruitment agency I have ever worked with and I have worked with lots over the years to recruit staff and most recently to look for a role after being made redundant myself.

Rob is professional, caring and honest his service is out of this world.

Joanna Fisher

Rob is a pleasure to work with and the perfect intermediary. Rob knows how to make everyone feel comfortable and is clear, transparent and trustworthy. So please to have had the pleasure to cooperate!

Teresa Watkins

Rob is an excellent professional! Very attentive, honest and available. It is a real pleasure to talk and work with him. I highly recommend his services.

Mari Ana

Rob knows how to build trust, which is an essential skill to fulfill succesfully his missions. It is nice working with him!

Frédéric Prévost

Great advice from a very professional and thorough gentleman. Rob Greenhalgh managed to accurately target the proper job opportunities for me. I highly recommend his services.

Jules Rousselet

Honest, upfront and professional. Would highly recommend.